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While the mounted Dragoon regiments of the Krevarian Guard are highly mobile, they still rely on towed artillery to supplement the firepower of the self-propelled guns. The foot troops of the Fusilier and Castellan formations also rely on vast amounts of static firepower. For these needs, the Field Artillery Batteries are most often the answer.

The most common FAB is the L.110h Gun Howitzer - a dual-purpose gun capable of firing a wide variety of ammunition. It is incredibly rare to see a Krevarian formation without at least a troop of these beloved weapons in support.

Specialized saturation fire weapons include the KH.909 Assault Mortar and KH.5(R) Rocket Battery. While the rocket battery can fire more (and heavier) ordinance in a shorter span of time, the quad-barreled assault mortar can provide more accuracy than the system intended to replace it, and thus both can be found in the artillery lines.

Hardened targets like bunkers and fortifications call for the KH.13 Spigot Mortar - a specialized weapon whose gigantic projectiles can reduce nearly any redoubt to rubble. The unique construction of the weapon also minimizes noise and flash, making it especially useful in night fighting.

Finally, the SL.2 Anti-Armor Laser can be found on the frontlines to counter enemy heavy tanks and monstrosities. Each of its large power cells is only sufficient for a single firing of the weapon, but its tremendous power is capable of burning through all but the heaviest protections as if they were paper.

Rugged, powerful, and reliable, the KMW Mula is the most common artillery tractor used by Krevarian forces. Well-trained crews can get a gun unlimbered and ready to fire in less than a minute, after which the Mula will either stand by to relocate the gun in case of counterbattery fire or begin ferrying ammunition as appropriate.

Alternatively, the TA.39 Alpaca is a tracked armored vehicle that sacrifices room for the gun crew in favor of armor protection and extra ammunition storage. Both vehicles can include an ammunition limber for even more combat endurance.


The weapons are designed for magnetization. You’ll want 3mm (⅛”) rare earth magnets to fully take advantage of the modular construction. The gun shields are not magnetizable (alas), but are designed for friction holds, and have been doing well so far in my tests.

There are a variety of crew figures, with gunner, loader, and support crew options. The crew models are fully compatible with the parts from the Dragoon Infantry squad.


If you feel inclined to support my work (and get access to previews of upcoming work and voting rights to future model options), you may do so here:

Krevarian Field Artillery and tractors

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