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Carrying an enormous tactical guided missile of the same name, these mobile launchers operate as the heaviest element of the conventional artillery formations, providing devastating first-strike capability on an Ammit-based armored chassis capable of keeping up with armored formations.

The KH.101(GM) Hades is a guided tactical missile designed to deliver a variety of specialized payloads as the opening salvo of an assault - devastating defending forces to be mopped up by advancing forces. On the defensive, judicious use of missile artillery can break up oncoming forces to be more easily defeated in detail.


The missile is designed for magnetization. You’ll want 3mm (⅛”) rare earth magnets to fully take advantage of the ability to detach the payload and make rocket noises as you swoosh the missile to its destination on the battlefield.

Armaments included:

Pintle: Heavy Gyroc, Heavy Flamethrower, Heavy Machinegun

Hades Tactical Missile Carrier

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