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Krevarian battle doctrine emphasizes mobility and concentration of force wherever possible. To that end, fast-moving self-propelled artillery is required to support mobile infantry and armor formations.

The Catoblepas self-propelled howitzer fills this demand for fast, armored indirect support. Adapted from the versatile and sturdy Ammit chassis, it mounts a heavy artillery cannon capable of firing a variety of shell types to extreme ranges. Crews often refer to their vehicles as ‘Catys’ or ‘Catos’, owing to the vehicle’s mouthful of a name.

Supplementing the long-ranged firepower, the much rarer Adarna mobile siege gun is designed for tackling tough fortifications at relatively close ranges. Owing to the relatively light armor of the chassis and its close-in mission profile, crewing an Adarna is a dangerous assignment. The massive firepower contained in each shell of its enormous siege mortar-cannon is considered worth the risk by command staff, however.

The Catoblepas/Adarna kit is the result of my first patreon poll! Folks wanted to see an update to the venerable artillery piece, which was plagued by several very low-poly surfaces. I think I’ve made the update worthwhile - not only is this version much higher fidelity (it shares no geometry with the older version), it also has a lot of customization options:

Two track types (covered and open suspensions)
Two glacis plates (an update to the classic version, and a more modern smooth plate)
Open and Closed-Top gun enclosures
Separate interior objects and exterior stowage so you can dress up your artillery to your heart’s content!

Not only are all of the parts compatible with each other (you can build an open or closed version of either artillery piece with whatever glacis or tracks you like), the new parts are also compatible with any of my older vehicles on the Ammit platform (there are quite a few now). The kits are ready for magnets (⅛” or 3mm).

If you feel inclined to support my work, you may do so here:

Check out Hoplite Game Studios (who provided the presupports):

Catoblepas / Adarna Self-Propelled Artillery

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