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Luchs (German lynx) is a modern German wheeled reconnaissance vehicle. The first prototypes of the vehicle were made in 1968, and serial production continued in 1975-1977, ending with the production of 408 units. Luchs is powered by a Mercedes-Benz engine OM403A 300 HP (when using petrol) and 390 HP (when using diesel). The vehicle is armed with a single 20mm Rheinmetall Mk.20 Rh 202 autocannon and one 7.62mm MG3 machine gun.

In the 1960s and 1970s, new and highly mobile tanks (Leopard 1) and infantry fighting vehicles (Marder 1) of German production were introduced into service in the Bundeswehr, which forced the development of a new wheeled reconnaissance vehicle. As a result of these works, Luchs was created. This vehicle is characterized by high maximum speed and very high mobility - it has the ability to overcome water obstacles without special preparation and is operated by two drivers - one at the front of the vehicle and the other at the rear. Thanks to this Luchs can very quickly retreat from the battlefield in the event of an emergency. However, like other Bundeswehr vehicles - Fuchs - it does a complex structure, requiring high technical culture and good logistics facilities from the user. It was used only by the German armed forces and at present (2018) it has been partially replaced by the Fenek car.

Takom 2017 Bundeswehr SpPz 2 Luchs A1/A2 2 in 1

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