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This two-man light scout walker is favored by Krevarian forces for its combination of speed, durability, and ease of operation.

It's a bit chunkier than comparable models, but that comes with the territory of having room inside for two crewmembers (cramped though they may be).

There are lots of weapon options, and a choice between a manipulator arm or sensor array. Definitely pay attention to what you're printing, as there are some parts that are mutually exclusive, even with magnetization (there is a merged foot, as well as one where the toe plates are separate for more articulation, for example)

Finally, there are some pre-made magnet holes for those who are into that sort of thing - they're sized for 1/8 (3mm) x 1/32 inch discs.

If you feel inclined to support my work, you may do so here:

Staghound Scout Walker

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