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       The ZU-23-2 (Zenitnaya Ustanovka) is a towed Soviet short-range air defence cannon introduced in the 1960s. It mounts two 23 mm cannons on a small trailer which can be converted into a stationary mount for firing the guns.ZU-23-2 can be towed by a number of different vehicles. In USSR and later Russia the most frequently used towing vehicles for it were GAZ-66 4x4 trucks and GAZ-69 4x4 light trucks.
Item No    02348
Item Name    Russian ZU-23-2 Anti-Aircraft Gun
Bar Code    9580208023489
Scale    1:35
Item Type    Static Kit
Model Brief    Length: 134.4mm   Width:54.2 mm
Total Parts    150+
Metal Parts    n/a
Photo Etched Parts    1 piece
Film Parts    n/a
Resin Parts    n/a
Total Sprues    3 sprues and tires
Released Date    2013-10
More Features "    The kit consists of  over 150 parts ,includes a piece of Photo Etched parts 
- Details finely represented by newly tooled parts
- Rubber tires"

Russian ZU-23-2 Anti-Aircraft Gun 02348

Hors TVA
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