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Rounding out the AL.39 family of light armored vehicles are the TCA.39 Pelte and GCLA.39 Onager. Both are based on the useful Dague chassis, but serve very different roles in the armed forces of Krevaria.

The Pelte is an open-topped light carrier - suited for towing artillery, hauling troops, reconnaissance, or even light anti-armor roles. Nearly as ubiquitous as the Hevonen Light Utility Vehicle, this light armored utility vehicle can be seen nearly anywhere Krevarian forces are operating. Some Peltes have been further modified to carry light artillery, such as the KH.5(R) rocket batteries or KH.13 heavy spigot mortars.

The Onager began life as a field workshop conversion of damaged Dague tanks. With the turret removed and a lightly armored superstructure added to the hull, the new vehicle could carry a variety of artillery and anti-armor weapons. Despite the resulting high profile, the Onager was successful in its new tasks and has since become an officially sanctioned production variant, often replacing towed field artillery in fast-moving armored regiments.


The weapons are designed for magnetization. You’ll want 3mm (⅛”) rare earth magnets to fully take advantage of the modular construction.

This kit is presupported, but also includes unsupported STLs for those who want to print in FDM or would prefer tohandle their own supports.

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Pelte Troop Carrier and Onager Weapons Carrier

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