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The bulk of the Krevarian armored regiments are supplied with the venerable Kli-San battle tank - an archaic-looking design that is nonetheless a powerful armored vehicle well-respected by its crews.

The Kli-San owes its success to an easily-modified chassis that trades concealability for an immense amount of internal space. This roomy interior allows for robust life support equipment as well as plenty of ammunition and supply storage  - features very much appreciated on long patrols in inhospitable environs.

It’s been said that there’s a Kli-San variant for every need, and this is not as much of an exaggeration as it might seem. Although the conventional 155mm cannon is favored by logisticians and crews, the tank can also mount weapons as diverse as heat rays, rotary cannon, nuclear howitzers and more.

I’ve often been asked if I’ll provide pre-supported versions of my old files. The answer is yes, and this is where it starts! Note that unlike the Catoblepas/Adarna refresh kit, this is largely the same model as the original (and free) Kli-San. Get that if you prefer handling your own supports and don’t need the extras that come in this download. With that said, what do you get over the free version?

Extra weapon options for the standard and heavy-turret versions - a heat ray and advanced prototype cannon are now available, and both turrets now support every weapon type.
A dozer blade and single-shot missile launcher are now included.
Stowage kit and updated pintle weapons are added.

For even more variety, the turret ring on the Kli-San is compatible with the Cerberus and Crocodile kits, so you can swap turrets to your heart’s content between the kits. The Kli-San is ready for magnets (⅛” or 3mm).

If you feel inclined to support my work (and get access to previews of upcoming work and voting rights to future model options), you may do so here:

Check out Hivemind Minis (who provided most of the presupports):

Kli-San Battle Tank (Deluxe Edition)

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