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The M109 is an American military truck from the post-war period. The first prototype vehicles of the M35 vehicle family (to which the M109 also belongs) appeared in the late 1940s, but serial production only started in 1950 and lasted with breaks until 1999! However, the production of the M109 version ended in 1989. The M35 family trucks are most often powered by a single engine REO OA-331 with a maximum power of 127 HP.

The M35 truck was designed to complement and later replace various types of trucks from the Second World War. As serial production progressed, there were also specialized models of this car. One of them is the M109, which was designed in 1965. The M109 truck is essentially a mobile field workshop, with an appropriately adapted cargo space, but it is structurally based on the M35 truck. One of its development versions is the M109A3, which uses the same multi-fuel power unit as the M35A2 truck. The M109 vehicles took part in, among others, the Vietnam War (1964 / 1965-1975) and the First Gulf War (1990-1991).

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