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The Valravn is a fast attack gunship with the room to transport a full-size squad of infantry, a Hevonen LUV, or a pair of Staghound Scout Walkers while folded. The gunship is well-armed and well-protected, while vectored thrust nozzles give it a surprising degree of agility for it's bulk.

The Valravn comes with a detailed interior and cockpit, several weapon options, and openable doors/ramps, as well as the option to magnetize your thrust nozzles for VTOL purposes.

Note that this is quite a large model and while it is printable on a Mars 2, it will stretch the limits of that machine. If you're planning to use the Valravn for proxy purposes, know that it is a bit bigger than equivalent models - it just didn't look right when smaller. I hope you enjoy!

Like all my models so far, it supports magnetization (you'll want 3mm and 5mm ones). It's also pre-hollowed, but there are no pre-supports (yet)

If you feel inclined to support my work, you may do so here:

Valravn Assault Gunship

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