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It was developed from the Zil 151 in the 1950s at the design bureau attached to the Lihachov automobile factory in Moscow, which itself was developed from the US stud bakers supplied to the USSR.

Initially supplied with a 6 cylinder side valve Petrol engine, from 1962 variants were fitted with diesel engines. The design was an excellent one and a wide range of army vehicles were developed from it. Fuel trucks, fire trucks ,snow ploughs. mobile command vehicles, radio and radar vehicles, transporters and launchers for anti-aircraft missiles, field ambulances and transporters for MLRS weapons, are some examples of many vehicles spawned by this exceptional design. With increased trafficobility and 6x6 wheel arrangement, it is designed for transportation of cargoes, people and for towing of trailers along all kinds of roads, including those in the mountainous and desert areas.

These vehicles saw a great number of service in former Soviet and Warsaw Pact armies and as well as in Africa, Asia and Near East. They participated in many different conflicts during the 1950s-70s Cold War period.


Scale: 1:35

Item Type: Static Armor

Model Brief: Length: 192 mm Width: 67mm Height:85mm

Total Parts: 343pcs

Total Sprues: 9pcs sprues + cab + canvas soft top+7 tires

Paint Schemes: For Russian Army service


Trumpeter 1/35 Russian ZIL-157 6x6 Truck 01001

exkl. MwSt.
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