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MRAP Typhoon K (full designation: KamAZ-63968 Typhoon-K) is a modern Russian armored truck with a wheeled armored personnel carrier character with enhanced resistance to explosions of min. The vehicle is powered by a single JMZ-536 engine with a power of 450 hp . As standard, the vehicle does not have any fixed armament.

The MRAP Typhoon is a member of the Typhoon family of vehicles, on which development began around 2010 with the announcement by the Russian Armed Forces of its extensive vehicle modernization programs by 2020. Serial production of the car MRAP Typhoon launched in 2014 and is still ongoing. It is estimated that to date there are approximately 280 vehicles of this type in the line. The vehicle is capable of carrying up to 16 soldiers of a landing party with full equipment, providing them with protection against small-caliber fire with a caliber of up to 14.5 mm, as well as against artillery fragments. The vehicle is also able to withstand a mine explosion or so-called fugas with a power of up to 8 TNT.

Takom 2173 1/35 Kamaz Typhoon-K MRAP w/RP377VM1 & Arbalet-DM RCWS Module (2 in 1

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