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The special fire hose truck AR-2 (43105) is designed for mechanised laying of fire hose lines from the fire site. Production of the vehicle began in 1989. The vehicle was based on the off-road KAMAZ-43105, which has proven itself. A specially prepared chassis is fitted with an all-metal body with side and rear doors. Inside, the body is divided into two compartments, the front one houses fire-fighting equipment, and the rear one holds fire hoses. The body also has special racks that can form sections of different sizes.

The crew of the vehicle consists of a driver and two operators; the first operator is responsible for controlling the fire hose assembly mechanism, while the second operator monitors the laying of the hoses and controls their placement in the body after use. The length of such a hose line can be over 2.5 kilometres. Some of these vehicles are still in use in fire stations today.


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