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Born from a program to create a tough all-terrain chassis that could be the base of several vehicles, the Minotaur is a versatile six-wheeled transport capable of being adapted for a variety of mission profiles.

The standard A model is most commonly used by second-line Dragoon formations and mounts a twin autocannon in a lightweight remote turret.
The B model carries a much heavier turret with a modular mantlet - weapons are often swapped out depending on expected mission, but include a 105mm cannon, rotary gatling cannon, and more.
Finally, the C version carries a missile rack, and is most often used as a tank-hunter, although fragmentation missiles are available if the situation demands it.

All versions retain an impressive troop carrying capacity.


The weapons are designed for magnetization. You’ll want 3mm (⅛”) rare earth magnets to fully take advantage of the modular construction.

Armaments included:

Light Turret: Twin Autocannon

Heavy Turret: Twin Autocannon, Quad Laser, Battle Cannon, Rotary Cannon

Missile Turret with the ability to mount one heavy turret weapon and four missile pods with doors open or closed.

The turret can also mount the upper hull turret from the Balius Battle Strider for extra options.


If you feel inclined to support my work (and get access to previews of upcoming work and voting rights to future model options), you may do so here:

Minotaur Wheeled IFV

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