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With heavy armor and potent armament, Durandal formations lead the charge of lesser tank battalions, breaking through defenses that would shatter lesser tanks.

This is one of the most customizable vehicles I've created to date, with four types of track guards (in degrees from 'absent' to 'very'), two glacis plates, and a whole mess of secondary weapon placement options. There's also a whole set of vehicle stowage pieces.

The kit is pre-set up for magnetization, and in a first for me, also includes pre-supported files, courtesy of Hivemind Minis (check them out, they do very cool work). Note that while the kit will print on a Mars 2 (I have done so), some of the supported files are a bit too big for that plate.


If you feel inclined to support my work, you may do so here:
Check out Hivemind minis (who provided the presupports):

Durandal Breakthrough Tank

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