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The M49 is an American wheeled tanker from the post-war period. The first vehicles of this type began to enter the line in the 1950s. The drive was provided, depending on the tank version, by a single Continental OA-331, LDS-427 or LDT-465 engine. The maximum speed of the vehicle did not exceed 90 km / h. The M49 tanker was created on the basis of the universal M35 military truck with a capacity of 2.5 tons. Both vehicles had the same chassis, suspension, and driver's cab, but were powered by different, but very similar engines. The M49 also necessarily had a significantly revised shipping section that housed a special tanker with a capacity of approximately 4,550 liters (1,200 gallons). The cistern was divided into 3 containers of different capacity. Several versions of the M49 vehicle appeared in the course of production, among them: the M49 (basic version), M49C1 (version powered by a different engine) or M49C2 (version with a different engine with a tanker divided only into two containers of approx. 2,250 liters). This type of tanker was used extensively by the US armed forces in the 1950s and 1960s. They were also exported to NATO and South Korea.

1/35 AFV Club M49A2C Fuel Tanker

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