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The SAAB 37 Viggen was simply an aircraft well ahead of its time. Rather unorthodox solutions brought by the designers not just allowed to meet the requirements, they also caused that the Viggen even exceeded them in a couple of respects. The Swedish Air Force placed order for several versions of the aircraft which would comprise the same basic airframe and would differ by additional equipment based on the role the version should operate in. The type’s avionics was also among the very top at the time, the Viggen was the first military jet to feature an onboard computer with integrated circuits. The version first introduced to service with the Swedish military was the AJ37 Viggen, followed shortly by the SK37 two seat jet trainer, the SF37 recce version fitted with cameras in the modified nose section and the SH37 anti-shipping variety with different type of avionics and capable carrying a dedicated armament. Around ten years after the initial version had been introduced into the service, a second generation of the Viggen, the JA37 fighter started to emerge from the production line, and employed up-to-date avionics and slightly longer airframe with much more powerful engine.
Our SH72381 reboxing of the Viggen offers the SK-37 trainer type. The decals and marking schemes allow you to build three various airframes which cover all three styles of camouflage schemes worn by the Viggen. We have for you a natural metal Viggen, a standard splinter scheme as well as a  two-grey machine.

-    colourful and eye-catching schemes
-    superbly detailed model
-    also available are resin detail sets, pre-cut masks for clear parts and the splinter scheme consisting of several shades

1/72 Special Hobby SK-37 Viggen Trainer

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